The motion is essential for a healthy lifestyle, thus our TechnoGym cardio machines are available for the exercises or we can offer our bikes for a pleasant trip in the beautiful hills of Zala.

Sport and fitness

Sport lovers could use the TechnoGym Cardio machines being available in our gym, which can offer a great opportunity to combine the outdoor and indoor trainings, as well.

TechnoGym cardio machines in the gym:

  • treadmill,
  • Cross Trainer,
  • stationary bicycle

Sport equipments available in our hotel:

  • nordic walking
  • smovey rings
  • bicycles (1500 HUF/ hour / bicycle; Available at the hotel reception: depending on capacity and against fee.)

We provide sport equipments for our guests on demand:

  • tour the beautiful areas of Zala by our bicycles which can be used depending on capacity and against fee.
  • the surrounding hills can be the perfect spot for a nordic walking hike. On demand we can hire experienced tour leaders!
  • We have the latest smoovey vibrating rings- which are special Austrian fitness and therapeutic tools- you can have exercise by using them even in our outdoor and indoor pools.

    On demand there is an opportunity to have personal training with the help of our trainer who can give advice how to live a healthy lifestyle and suggest dietary advice, as well.

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