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Round Trip in the Surroundings of Lendva

Round Trip in the Surroundings of Lendva

Our tour goes in Lendva and on the ridge of Lendva Hill. It is a strenuous hiking trail full of steep slopes. We start from the Theatre and Concert Hall on Mlinska Street in the direction of the east. We leave the roundabout at the first exit (Ljudska Street), then we continue straight on from the next roundabout. We cross the bridge over the Lendva Creek, and turn left to the beautiful promenade, where we reach the next bridge. We turn left and then turn right at the Hungarikum Market. Turning right at the third intersection in Krajnceva Street, we return to the bank of the Lendva Creek. We turn left at the wastewater treatment plant, and at the second option, we turn left again, and we return to Lendva among fields and meadows.
We keep going as far as we see the two-storey blocks on the right. We approach them, we turn right and return to Krajnceva Street (asphalt). Here again we turn right, then shortly after the turning, we take the turning to the left at the parking lot, into the wine road towards the hills. At the Y-junction, we turn to the right according to the Lármafa sign. This is where the hardest part of our journey begins. We climb up to the Lármafa, and then turn right at the next Y-junction. We arrive at the ridge on a 15% slope. We turn left, and climb uphill quite long in a very nice environment among holiday cottages and press houses.
Turning left at the Lármafa, and immediately to the left, we are now going down. We turn to the right at the Y-junction after the Vinarium lookout tower, then we go down to the left at the stone cross. We descend down to the stop sign, where we go slightly to the right, and immediately to the left, up a bit. We choose the gravel road there. Walking down from here we reach the main road, where we turn left. At St. Catherine's Church we turn left, uphill again. At the crossroads, we turn right following the Trinity Chapel sign. We pass a graveyard, and walk up the asphalt road to the crossroads that takes us to the small chapel. We can have a magnificent view from the side of the chapel. On the way back, at the crossroads, we have to follow the Lármafa board again, and reach the lookout tower directly. From here we start down the already known road to Lendva.

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