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Lugos Valley Tour

Lugos Valley Tour

The tour starts at 22nd km of the road stretching between Őriszentpéter and Ivánc. We can walk on a good quality, gravelly forest path, far from the noise of cars, in a romantic setting.
After a winding, sloping section, we reach Creek Lugos, and after we cross it, immediately turn right onto the national K-tour path. And what do we find? Beautiful, untouched creek bed, diverse forests, oxygen-rich, clean air, shady road sections, everything you might want for a hiker. Follow K until the gravel road narrows and then ends. From there, K goes straight, but we turn left on the grassy side towards the hilltop. This is the hardest part of the tour! From the hilltop you can see the valley of the River Raba. Wonderful sight! Once again we reach a gravel road and we turn left, then go straight to the next major intersection of the road to the bottom of the hill. Meanwhile, we are in beech, oak, pine forests. During the vegetation period it is surrounded by the sea of ferns.
Arriving into the valley, at the intersection of forest roads, we will see the K sign again, on which we continue to the left. Pay attention to the boundaries of the increasingly protected area where entry is forbidden! For more information, visit the Őrség National Park.
We continue straight on the K sign to the bridge of the Lugos stream. Meanwhile, we will have an eye-catching sight. There are several hundred-year-old oak trees in the middle of a beautiful meadow. It looks as if they were talking to each other. Our path is slowly reaching the end. At the bridge, turn right and then continue straight towards the hilltop, the starting point of our tour.

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