All departments of the spa can be approached directly from our hotel through the covered, heated corridor. Every age-groups can find the most suitable services for themselves, let it be calm minutes or even a joyful bathe.

Lenti Thermal Spa

The spa has medicinal water since 1988, and it was pronounced as a health resort in 2016.

The water of Lenti Spa is a 40000 years old, sodium-hydrogen-carbonated medicinal water, that is suitable for treating cardiovascular problems, spine (neck, back, waist), lumbago, arthritis and joint erosion diseases (shoulder, elbow, hand, waist, knee, ankle).


Additional medicinal water related medical treatments can be requested upon preliminary medical examination.


  • Guests can choose of pools with different temperatures and pools with wide range of experience elements, furthermore the cozy relaxing area of 630 m2 equipped with terrace loungers, heated rock-beds and dumpies, a therapy unit and massage rooms make the resting more pleasant and help the relaxation.
Water depth Water surface Temperature Experience element
Swimming pool 2,0 m 450 m2 26-28 oC
Medicinal pool 1,10 m 50 m2 36-38 oC
Relax pool
1,15 m 144 m2 34-36 oC hydro massage
neck massage
Teaching pool 1,05 m 88 m2 32-34 oC
Children’s paddling pool  0,10-0,30 m 12 m2 33 oC fountain

Opening hours:

  • 09.00-19.00 h

The opening hours will depending on period. We reserve the right to make changes!

  • In the 8 hectares green area the lovers of bathing can find as well the medicinal pools as swimming-, children-, experience pools for the fun of younger and older ones all day long between May and September.
  • The experience pool will be closed from 28.08.2022
Water depth Water surface Temperature Experience element
Swimming pool 1,60-1,85 m 337 m2 27-28 oC 5 courts
Teaching pool 0,88-1,16 m 209 m2 32-34oC
Medical pool 1,10 m 314 m2 36-38 oC
Children’s paddling pool 0,10-0,50 m 95 m2 32-34 oC frog slide
Experience pool 0,00-1,35 m 1340 m2 28-30 oC 74 m long slide
wild water river
neck massage
massage beds

  • In the adventure bath people of all ages can find the most suitable services for themselves, whether they require only minutes to calm, or even joyful experience full of bathing. While the little ones have fun on the slide, or in the pool, until the big ones can relax in the experience pool or in the jacuzzi.
Water depth Water surface Temperature Experience element
Experience pool with slide 1,00 m 216 m2 31-33 oC 75m long slide
slide for 3 people
Children’s paddling pool 0,50 m 31 m2 32 oC penguin toy slide
for children
Adult massage experience pool 1,10 m 186 m2 34-36 oC neck massage
places for standing massage
places for sitting massage
massage beds
water jet
Jacuzzi 1,10 m 24 m2 34-36 oC

Normal opening hours (expect holidays)

  • 10.00-19.00 h
  • Sauna is an excellent opportunity for the health-conscious people to relaxation and revitalizing the mental and physical freshness of human. Sauna is essential to be healthy and energetic nowadays as well.
  • In our Sauna World finnish, infra and aroma sauna, plunge pool and a resting area furnished with sun loungers and heated stone beds makes more comfortable the peaceful rest and relaxation of the guests.
  • Using the sauna trains the body, strengthens the immune system and relieves stress. A regular sauna using leads to smooth skin, retards the aging process, soothes and refreshes the body and soul.
Temperature Capacity
Aroma sauna 80 oC 10 persons
Finnish sauna I. 90 oC 10 persons
Finnish sauna II. 70 oC 10 persons
Infra sauna 35 oC 3 persons

Some useful tips either for Finnish or infra sauna:

  • Always have a shower and dry yourself - shower is needed to clear the skin pores, dryness is necessary not to influence greatly the sauna humidity.
  • Remove jewelry – hot jewelry may cause our skin burn
  • The last meal should be 1.5 – 2 hours before taking a sauna, since digestion overburdens the body, or if someone goes through this intensive experience with empty stomach, it can cause even an indisposition due to the low blood-sugar level.
  • Drinking alcohol is not recommended before and during taking a sauna.

Taking Sauna in a traditional sauna:

  • In the cabin we should sit or lie down to relax  for 5-15 minutes
  • According to the local etiquette we should use the sauna without swimsuit and cover the intimate parts of our body with a sauna sheet, because we are not alone in the bath
  • Take care not to contact our body with the sauna bench
  • Sometimes spray water on the sauna stones –we can put some drops of aromatic oil in the water
  • After the sauna cool yourself down with a shower (cold water) in order to lose some of the internal heat and rest for a few minutes on a deck chair
  • Repeat the above process 3-4 times - experts in taking saunas can repeat it up to 5 times
  • Finally, take a shower with lukewarm water gradually getting cold
  • Afterwards, relax in the open air if it is possible
  • Take care of hydration
  • Drink a lot of fluids before taking sauna, do not do it while taking sauna.

Taking sauna in infra sauna:

  • Drink approximately half a liter of non-carbonated mineral water half an hour before taking sauna 
  • The cabin temperature is 30-60 ° C so we can comfortably relax for 30-40 minutes
  • After taking sauna repeatedly drink some a glasses of non-carbonated mineral water to supplement the sweated fluid.
  • Finally, gradually cool our body starting with to lukewarm water, otherwise the toxins got out to the skin can get back into the body!
  • It is worth to use the infra sauna as a cure: for two to three weeks, but max. up to a month for at least half an hour a per day. This time will be enough for leaving most of the toxins from the body, getting rid of a few plus kilogramms and our skin can be more tight.
  • In the first week of the cure we can experience acne appearance, headaches - these indicate the onset of a detoxification process. From the second week, these symptoms disappear and we can feel ourselves more fresh.
  • It is important that during the course of treatment we should consume 2.5-3 liters of fluid a day and take care of supplementing the lost vitamins and minerals.

Normal opening hours (expect holidays)

  • 10.00-19.00 h

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