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Hill tour at Őriszentpéter

Hill tour at Őriszentpéter

We start our tour from the Őriszentpéter Church / Templomszer, from the Harmatfű Nature Conservation Centre of the Őrség National Park Directorate. Along the signs of the national K tour, we take the public road towards Szalafő. After about 500 metres, leaving the road on the left we arrive at the St. Peter Roman Catholic Church, one of the main attractions of Őriszentpéter, which we must definitely see! Coming back to the road, the sign at the road next to the adjacent house signifies the medieval brick burner (about 100 metres).
Returning to the road (sign K), turn left, and walking approx. 50 metres, you will find the Csörgőalma orchard on the left where native tree species can be seen. Continuing our journey (K sign) approx. after 300 metres we turn left in the direction of Keserűszer. At first, the road is pebbly, then we turn right at the sökfás cemetery and walk along the asphalt road (sign K). Crossing the Zala River (also called Szala here) we leave the K sign, and continue on K +. We go up the beautiful meadow to the hilltop, to the Keserűszer guesthouse and research house, where we find a pond and we can take some rest. On the right side of the well-kept yard we head towards the forest. On the trail (K +) approx. after 500 metres we reach Vendégszél. We turn left on the gravely forest road, and soon we reach Galambosszer.
In the calm, beautiful surroundings we can see guesthouses and apartment houses. On the asphalted road we reach a crossroads where we turn right (K +). At the next crossroads (approx. 500 metres) on the Égésszeri út, turn left at the intersection of the Égésszeri Road / Városszeri Road, we can see the Reformed Church across the road, in Városszer, and there are a beautiful park, a playground, and a sports ground next to the church. From here we turn right, follow the K sigs along the road. After 50 metres, you will find the Natura 2000 Visitor Centre, the new headquarters of the Őrség National Park Directorate, and the Tourinform office on the left, where you can get information on the sights and accommodations in the area. Then, turning left, in Városszer (sign K), we walk for approx. 700 metres and then we return to the Harmatfű Nature Conservation Centre, the end of our tour.

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