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Hiking Tour along the Border

Hiking Tour along the Border

Route: Dolga Vas–Lendva Hill–Lendva city centre–Dolga Vas
We start our hiking tour at Rédics on the Slovenian side of the Hungarian-Slovenian border. We take the first by-pass, to the left in the main road to the village of Dolga Vas. On the Slovenian side of the border we walk along a dirt road, or on a grassy area next to the forest. After leaving the forest, we turn left to the gravel road. We go straight ahead and then continue to the left at the next junction. We walk in a beautiful, mixed forest, we reach a clearing, and then we get to Lendva Hill soon. We turn right at the paved road, but before that we stop for a few minutes and admire the view. On the hilltop at Lármafa, keep to the left, and continue among the wine cellars and the vineyards. On the slope you can enjoy the spectacular view of the tidy cottages, together with the natural beauty of the view. Just before the Vinarium lookout tower, turn left at the crucifix. We go up for a short while, and then down a steep slope from the hill to Lendva. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the unparalleled view of the Mura Valley, the Varazdin Hills to the south, amongst the orderly cottages and vineyards, with all the beauty of a genuine, traditional vineyard area. At the first crossroads, continue to the right at a yellow metal pole. You could see the vines planted on the hillsides on the left so far, and now you can see them in the front and then to the right. Once in the town, turn right at the grocery store, and continue straight ahead. From Kranjceva Street, turn left onto Kidriceva Street. Walking along this road, take a look at the sights of Lendva, then continue straight on Glavna Street, and after approx. a 2.5 km walk, we return to our starting point.

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