Spa development and accommodation extension in Lenti.

Subvention won: 1.017.300.000,- HUF

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Spa development and accommodation extension in Lenti

  • NYDOP-2.1.1/B-14-k-2014-0001 - Spa development and accommodation extension in Lenti v
  • Name of beneficiary: Self-Government of the City of Lenti
  • Address of beneficiary: 8960 Lenti, Zrínyi u. 4.
  • Project title: "Spa development and accommodation extension in Lenti"
  • Project identification no.: NYDOP-2.1.1/B-14-k-2014-0001
  • Total cost of the project: Total net cost: 3.300.000.000,- HUF
  • Subvention won: 1.017.300.000,- HUF
  • Supporter: Ministry for National Economy
  • Address of supporter: 1051 Budapest, József nádor tér 2-4.
  • Assisting organization: West Transdanubian Regional Development Agency Non-Profit Company
  • Address of the assisting organization: 9700 Szombathely, Kőszegi u. 23.

Purpose of the project:

Establishment of a tourism product of the level corresponding with the demands of tourists, attracting them even independently in Lenti and region.

Hotel construction:

  • The hotel is 6-storied (cellar+ground floor+1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor), 94-room and “hotel stars” 4-star-hotel, with restaurant, conference centre and wellness service department.
  • Location: Lenti, on the property of the parcel no. 937/3 (area adjacent to the spa)

Cellar level:

  • In the cellar only additional functions are located, which are essential for the operation of the hotel, e.g. personnel locker rooms, operation offices, warehouses and mechanical engineering rooms.

Ground floor:

  • Every additional function (except wellness) of the hotel can be found on this level: lobby (hall), reception counter, bar, separate conference room for the receipt of 250 persons and a restaurant. The smoking room, children playground, sanitary block and package warehouse are connecting to the lobby. The vertical traffic devices, the stairs and elevators are starting from the lobby.

1st-3rd floor:

  • On the levels there are 92 pcs. hotel units in total.
  • The area of the standard and superior rooms is approx. 28 m2. Every room is equipped with a shower bath.
  • The superior+ rooms are of size 38 m2, which have bathrooms with bath-tub.
  • The rooms can be supplemented with spare beds or cots.

4th floor:

  • It includes two suites and the wellness department.
  • All of both suits are of 115m2 with bathrooms furnished with bath-tubs and separate toilet provided with bidet, a large terrace and a winter-garden-like panorama Jacuzzi room connecting to the terrace and a mini-kitchen with dining-table.
  • In the wellness-department also on the 4th floor – which is open only for the hotel guests – 2 separate massage rooms, a 53m2 adventure pool with stretched water level and 4 sauna units will be established.

Extension of the covered spa:

Adventure pool with slide with separate part for small children

  • 216m2 adventure pool with slide constructed mainly for the younger age-class, promoting activity with 31m2 splashing area for small children, with a total water surface of 250m2.

Hot-water adventure pool

  • Hot-water pool with stretched water level constructed mainly for middle- and older aged guests, putting the massage functions to the fore with a total water surface of 230m2.

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