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Belső-Őrség Adventure

Belső-Őrség Adventure

Route: Magyarföld – Magyarszombatfa – Velemér – Szentgyörgyvölgy – Kógyár – Felsőszenterzsébet – Magyarföld
Our tour starts from the belfry in Magyarföld. It is also worth visiting the wooden church in the village (key to be found: Jókai út 1.). Then, we walk on the main street of the village turning right along the K sign, then at the end of the settlement we reach the Berki Hill along the S road. Leaving the old press houses, we will soon cross the main road and reach the intersection of the K sign. Turn left and walk along Z / S signsási to Magyarszombatfa.
In front of Magyarszombatfa we turn right to the main road. There are a several of potters in the settlement, and we can choose from their products. After the intersection we turn right again and climb up a small slope to the Ritási Hill. On the way, visit the Őrség Hunting Exhibition. From here we continue along the K signs, then turn right in front of the Ó-hill, and walk again on the main street of Magyarszombatfa. We can take a short detour, and visit the Magyarszombatfa Potter House.
Following our way, we go along the main road to Gödörháza. We get to the Belfry of Gödörháza via the bridge, and the K signs lead us soon to Velemér. We can see the country house on the main street of the village. Then we can stop by Éva David, where we can see beautiful ceramics along with very nice hospitality. Following the K signs, we turn right to the Light Temple of Velemér. Take the time to see the unique Árpád Age Church! The continuation of the K signs is to be found next to the war memorial at the cemetery. Going along these signs to the east we reach Szentgyörgyvölgy. On the main street of the village, after we turn left (K) the pub, we find the Reformed Church of Szentgyörgyvölgy. It is worth looking at the beautiful, painted, wooden ceiling of the church. From here we continue to the left along the K signpost, and walking next to the Kógyár, we get to Felsőszenterzsébet on a gravel road. In the village we turn left to the K + sign, and through Péter Hill we get back to Magyarföld, the starting point of our tour.

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